ACTION ALERT –  No surveys for pipelines on protected public lands!


Time is of the essence here – Gov Baker  wants to open our public lands.


Kinder Morgan, the Texas corporation that wants to build the NED fracked gas pipeline, wants access to our public lands for their surveyors. As planned, this pipeline would damage over 100 conservation parcels including state forests, state parks, and wildlife management areas that are home to wetlands, endangered species and wildlife.

Now, we’ve gotten word that Governor Baker’s administration is pressuring the Department of Conservation and Recreation, as well as the Department of Fish and Game to open the gates to our public lands, giving Kinder Morgan’s surveyors free range.

Join us in calling on Governor Baker and his administration to stand strong, keep these lands protected, and deny access to Kinder Morgan.

Sign the Petition Today!!

We need everyone to call, tweet and email state administration officials with your objections to pipeline survey permission on Massachusetts Public Lands. For instructions go here.

photo credit: Rene Theberge