35+ Supporter Circles

We deeply respect and appreciate the wisdom, experience, and support of our elders in the organizing community and understand that we can learn a lot about social movements, fighting for justice, and what does and doesn’t work. That being said, Sunrise is a youth-led, youth-centered movement where we’re focused primarily on organizing young people: ~35 and younger. But if you’re not a young person and still want to be apart of the movement, you can support Sunrise by hosting a Supporter Circle!

What is a Supporter Circle?

Supporter Circles are local groups of 5-15 people, consisting of folks who are 35+. Supporter Circles meet weekly to lend their support to movement youth leadership. Anyone over the age of 35 can sign up to host a small group of people in their community through the 6 week program.

How it works

Supporter Circles are a group of people that work together to support the movement to demand the Green New Deal. Supporter Circle members do 2 things each week: Meeting (and discussing weekly readings, like a book club!) and Supporting.


Discussion Prep: Each week you’ll have some movement homework — videos, podcasts and readings–tomakeyoumoreeffectiveatsupportingthemovement. You’llwanttocomplete these each week before your group meeting.

Meeting: Each week, your supporter circle has a supporter circle meeting, facilitated by your host. We provide meeting agendas, discussion questions, and time to plan.


This is the most important part. Supporter Circles will spend the majority of their time either supporting their local hub or as members of a mass volunteer team.
For Supporter Circles near a hub, you will participate in activities such as:

  • Cooking for trainings/hub meetings
  • Compiling a network of supporter housing
  • Grassroots fundraising
  • Building lists of free meeting spaces
  • Getting bulk food, supplies, and printing for actions and mass trainings
  • For Supporter Circles not near a hub, you will: Volunteer with one of Sunrise’s mass volunteer teams

Your time:

30 minutes prepping for discussion
45 minutes discussing the readings/videos in your meeting
2 hours + supporting the movement in and outside your meeting

We give you:

A toolkit to recruit for your first house meeting
A suggested reading list
A hub contact or volunteer assignment in service to the movement

To learn more, go to one of the Green New Deal Launch Parties on January 29th or contact your local Sunrise Hub.