Youth Climate Action Now

Credit: Rene Theberge

What is Youth Climate Action Now?

Over the last few years, we have witnessed the importance of youth climate activism firsthand and we believe that youth have an essential role to play in addressing this crisis. As young people, we will be impacted most by the threat of climate change in the coming decades. We have a responsibility to use our unique voices to help draw attention to these issues. We have been learning about the little steps we can each individually take to combat climate change for all our lives. It is time to think bigger and take action!

What Are YCAN’s Long-Term Goals?

Our main mission is to inspire and empower youth-led activism. We are fueled by the power and importance of youth voices! We are an entirely youth-directed group with a goal to equip leaders with the necessary tools needed to lead the next steps in this fight. We will do this by partnering with other youth-led organizations in our community, hosting monthly trainings, keeping the principles of environmental justice at the heart of all our work, and by providing a space for leaders to be themselves and get creative as we work to tip the climate crisis off its current trajectory through non-violent direct action.   

Our main goals in the coming years include:

  1. Hosting monthly Webinars where YCAN members will learn about a specific topic within youth led climate activism.
  2. Posting regular easy action items on our social media page.
  3. Organizing youth led community actions where we will be providing a space for leaders to be loud and use their unique voices to draw attention to the issues that matter most to us.

How Can You Join YCAN?

If you are interested in being a part of a movement-driven group with roots in non-violent direct action, climate education, youth empowerment, and leadership training, there are several ways to get involved! Here are some possible ways to contact us for more information:

  • Fill out our quick registration form here to be added to our mailing list
  • Get in touch with us at with any questions about what it means to be a part of YCAN
  • You can also follow us on Instagram at Youth_Climate_Action_Now for updates on upcoming actions in the community!

What is Creative Climate Action?

Art has always been used as a form of rebellion and a tool of resistance. From poetry and writing to visual arts and sculpting to photography and music, we believe that art has a beautiful way of connecting our community and of inspiring social change. As creative young people, we utilize art in all of our work to make our message more impactful and to reach a broader audience.

What is an Adult’s Role in YCAN? 

If you are not a youth, there are still ways of supporting our work as an adult! You can follow us on Instagram at Youth_Climate_Action_Now and you can share our work with any young people in your community that you think would be interested. As always, thank you for your support!

Looking For Upcoming Youth-Led Actions in Your Community? You’re in the right place!

As YCAN’s work continues to develop, this is the place where we will regularly be promoting upcoming events, projects, partnerships, and action items both big and small in the section! You can also stay in the loop with our work by registering for our newsletter here!

Credit: Rene Theberge