THE WORLD WE LOVE Is in Our Hands! Community Performance Action with Giant Puppets to Celebrate Inter-Dependence Day.

On July 1st at 2pm, people of all ages, giant puppets, activists, and musicians will parade through the streets of Northampton and then perform THE WORLD WE LOVE play in Pulaski Park for the second annual World We Love Inter-Dependence Day Celebration. Immediately following the event participants will fan out into Northampton to speak to individuals and businesses about their part in reducing Massachusetts energy use and becoming 100% renewable by 2030. 
Artistic Director Beth Fairservis of Leaf Boat Theater (formerly Pachamama Puppets) joins with Climate Action Now, Mother’s Out Front, The Expandable Brass Band, and cellist/composer Stephen Katz to create a spectacle of animals, fish, birds, and humans. The parade will come from four locations within Northampton and parade to Memorial Hall Lawn next to Pulaski Park. With an Earth Temple as a backdrop, Leaf Boat Theater and area children will engage the community in an interactive play that models the transmutation of our relationship from fossil fuel fire to loving cooperation with the forces of Nature through peaceful mind, responsible hands, and open hearts.
After the inaugural Inter-Dependence Day on July 2, 2016, activist Dr. Marty Nathan said, “The combination of street theater and direct action created a buzz in the community which leveraged our successful negotiation with gas companies to repair leaks throughout Western Mass.” 
The community is encouraged to join in the parade by gathering at 1 PM in one of four locations, each of which represent the world in all its splendor. Participants may wear the color associated with their direction and bring their own puppet or stuffed animal.  EARTH: 4-legged creatures – Green (Hungry Ghost Bakery). WATER: Water Creatures – Blue (Forbes Library Lawn). AIR: birds and bees – Yellow (County Court House Lawn). FIRE: Humans – Red (Behind Thornes Market). 
For more information, follow us on Facebook: World We Love Parade & Performance Action! You may also contact Beth Fairservis at 413-387-9330.
Beth Fairservis, MPC
Buddhist Pastoral Counseling
Arts Activism