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  updated 12/4/2017 

What? Join the push to get Pioneer Valley legislators on board to support the 100% Renewable Bill, H.3281/S.1849 by the end of the year.

Why? The 100% Renewable Bill is a CAN priority, because it will accelerate the growth of clean energy (and the move away from fossil fuels), promote interagency collaboration to achieve 100 percent renewable energy economy-wide, and set out clear, enforceable goals and requirements to ensure we achieve that objective. Action is needed on the bill before a crucial bill deadline at the beginning of February 2018.

How? Help us collect legislator contacts in less progressive districts. Note any people you know in Agawam, Chicopee, Holyoke, Ludlow, Springfield, or West Springfield who might be willing to contact their legislator to promote 100% Renewable Energy and other climate bills. Ask them if you can share their names and contact information with our captains for each legislative district and then pass them on to darcy@climateactionnowma.org.

Bonus: Ongoing actions
1. Join a CAN/Sierra Club Wednesday calling party to help organize climate constituent groups in key legislative districts across the state. Click HERE for details.
2. Call Governor Baker at 617-725-4005. Ask him to prohibit new pipelines and compressor stations in Massachusetts. #StandUpCharlie
3. Click HERE to join local efforts to pursue 100% Renewable Energy (Zero Energy Buildings, Community Choice Energy, Heat Smart heat pump program, Rays the Valley community shared solar, and more) in each of our towns – efforts that could dramatically reduce greenhouse gases.



Take action on legislation. Find out who your legislators are and their contact information HERE. Simply enter your address and zip code. Make sure you state your support for the bill by number in the email subject line. For example: “Testimony in support of S.1839, requiring home energy audits at time of sale”. 

  • November 6 – CAN priority energy bills were heard by the Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy. Send emails supporting the bills to Co-Chairs Mike.Barrett@masenate.gov and Thomas.Golden@mahouse.gov and send a copy to your own Rep.
    • H.1725/S.1875 – (requires grid modernization, prioritizes local resources, offers consumers time of use electricity rate option)
    •  S.1839 – (requires home energy audits at time of sale)
  • October 26 – CAN priority gas pipeline-related bills were heard by the TUE Committee.  Email the Co-Chairs at Mike.Barrett@masenate.gov and Thomas.Golden@mahouse.gov and send a copy to your Rep. 
    • H.2698/S.1855 (protects ratepayers from pipeline expansion costs)(You can urge support for this bill on this easy to use format.)
    • H.3400/S.1847 (reforms DPU’s pipeline approval process)
    • H.3391/S.1859 (mandate facilities siting board consider health effect of gas infrastructure)
    • H.2683/S.1845 (prohibits charges to customers for leaked gas)
    • October 24 – CAN priority transportation bills were heard by the Transportation Committee. Email the Co-Chairs at Thomas.McGee@masenate.gov and William.Straus@mahouse.gov. and send a copy to your Rep.
      • S.1952 (directs DOT to assess the status of transportation system – urge inclusion of climate action principles)
      • S.1957, S.1958 (establishes MA and NE Regional Transportation Infrastructure Bank – urge inclusion of climate action principles) 
  • October 17 –  The Climate Justice and Toxics Reduction Bill, H. 2913/S.426, were heard by the TUE committee.  A sample brief message of support is here.
  • October 10 – Divestment bill, H.3281, was heard on October 10 by the Joint Committee on Public Service. Hearing and lobby day event page can be found here and sample testimony here. Go to #divestma for dramatic photos and videos of the hearing.
  • October 3 – Solar bills were heard on October 3 by the Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy Committee:  Use this platform to send your support letter.today.
  • September 19 – To submit testimony in support of H.3395/S.1849, the 100% Renewable MA Bill, click here. The hearing on the bill was held on September 19.
  • September 19 – To submit testimony in support of raising the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) such that MA reaches 100% renewable electricity by 2035, click here. The hearing regarding raising the RPS, and 4 other of our energy policy related bills, was held on September 19.
  • Amplify! Personally ask a friend in another part of the state to do this. Forward this page to them. State action on climate is all-important now.Thank you for TAKING ACTION! Together, we are unstoppable.


  • For more information. Click here for list of 2017-2018 Bills Endorsed by Climate Action Now, Western MA.  Find the text of bills at https://malegislature.gov/Bills.
  • Click here to join the CAN Legislative Workgroup google group – to receive meeting notices and join a legislative district- based rapid response team.
  • We need to call our representatives early and often starting NOW, to let them know that climate must be a top priority.

Push back against fossil fuel interests nationally by supporting climate action on the state level! We will be updating you regularly on the bills needing testimony and other important request for action.