Take Action on State Legislation


Push back against fossil fuel interests nationally by supporting climate action on the state level! We will be updating you regularly on the bills needing testimony and other important request for action.

UPDATE JULY 31 (there is still time):

Amendment work on the climate bill is ongoing today. You can send you rep an email during the procedings to ask to co-sponsor and some of them will respond…that’s how quickly this is changing. For updates please see the Mass Power Forward LIVE document

ONE DAY ONLY: July 30 until around 4 pm. Ask our state reps to co-sponsor amendments.

Reason for Urgency: Wednesday the 29th, the House released a climate bill. We will only have one day to gather co-sponsors for nine new amendments. We are asking people to email, phone, and tag reps on social media. This is our chance for climate legislation this session… otherwise we start over in January. Click for DETAILS AND HOW-TO