Take Action for Smart Solar TODAY, Tuesday, February 6

Those of us who care about forests and agriculture need to send an email to the legislature TODAY!


There are two bills that would remove the so-called “solar exemption”  from state law. This exemption practically prohibits towns from regulating industrial solar, 

If the law is changed, towns could protect forests, agriculture, and water systems and regulate solar in reasonable ways, without being threatened by expensive law suits. These bills are:

• S.1319 An Act regarding municipal zoning powers
• H.2082 An Act regarding municipal zoning powers

In Nov. these bills received a lot of support from many of us. HOWEVER, they have not yet been voted favorably out of committee. This is necessary to allow the full legislature to vote. 

• Email the Joint Committee on Municipalities and Regional Government. 
• Ask them to vote S1319 and H2082 favorably out of committee.
• When: NOW – before Feb 7!!

Email to: 
Senate Chair Oliveira—-   Jacob.Oliveira@masenate.gov
House Chair Fiola—-   Carole.Fiola@mahouse.gov
Senate Vice Chair Kennedy—-   edward.kennedy@masenate.gov
House Vice Chair Sabadosa—-   lindsay.sabadosa@mahouse.gov

You should also cc Jo Comerford and Mindy Domb (if she is your Rep.) on any email you send.

I support the reasonable regulation of solar and the protection of our forests, agriculture and water systems. Please vote bills S1319 and H2082, Acts regarding municipal zoning powers  favorably out of committee . Municipalities need to be freed from the outdated “solar exemption” so they can reasonably regulate industrial solar. Recent 2023 reports confirm that the Commonwealth needs a vibrant ecosystem as part of its climate action. 

Thank you,