413 Stop the Money Pipeline

413-Stop The Money Pipeline (413-STMP) is a local group, part of Climate Action Now, that works to undermine the financial support of the fossil fuel industry.  We work with a national campaign called Stop the Money Pipeline –check it out!  The fossil fuel industry isn’t going to stop selling fossil fuels, but if they lose their financial support, they are sunk: no more oil wells, no more pipelines.

We participate in national actions, but also create our own events with a focus on local targets.  With rallies, protests, leafleting and other actions, we pressure banks and insurance companies to stop supporting the fossil fuel industry, and encourage customers of those banks to do likewise.

Get Involved!

Sign up to be on our mailing list–you’ll hear about actions to join, or things you can do to participate in national actions! You can join our google group (413STMP@googlegroups.com) directly, by following these instructions or you can email susalson@gmail.com to request to be added.

If you are interested in joining our Planning Team, where we strategize about actions or campaigns, please email Sue at susalson@gmail.com

Sign up here to help us pass out leaflets in downtown Northampton, to spread the word about how banks are funding climate chaos and how we are trying to stop them. The signup sheet lists suggested times that you can leaflet in downtown Northampton.

  • To sign up, go to the time slot you want, and in the box where it says “Who’s leafleting?” click the little box where it says “Sign up.” Then scroll down to the bottom and click “Submit and Sign Up.” Shazam, you are signed up!
  • Sometime before your time slot, you should see either Sue, Christine or Kevin also signed up for that slot: We’ll meet you outside the Bank of America, provide leaflets, and go over what to do.
  • If you DON’T see one of us signed up by the day before your time, please email Sue at susalson@gmail.com, so we can be sure someone meets you.