ReNEWable MASS: Campaign Overview



To prevent catastrophic climate change, we need to stop using almost all fossil fuels worldwide by 2050. Here in Massachusetts, we need to take the lead by stopping the development of all new fossil fuel infrastructure. This includes the use of fracked gas, which has been falsely advertised as a clean and natural “bridge fuel” for addressing climate changeUnfortunately, the fossil fuel industry is trying to expand gas development in Massachusetts and even preparing to export gas from our state. All the proposed projects are linked, and stopping them is imperative. As a national leader in climate and energy policy, and as a hub for brilliant innovations in clean energy development, Massachusetts is poised to take on this ambitious mission.

We are currently focused on stopping three projects in particular: the proposed Kinder Morgan Gas Pipeline (also known as the Tennessee Gas Pipeline or the Northeast Energy Direct [NED] Project and Connecticut Expansion), the proposed Footprint gas plant in Salem, and the proposed expansion of Spectra gas pipeline (also known as the Algonquin Incremental Market (AIM) pipeline project). Other projects may also be included as the need arises.

We will also working to promote renewables, energy efficiency and conservation and fix gas leaks in order to reduce or eliminate the need for fossil fuel-based energyTo accomplish our goals, we are working with others towards building a broad-based coalition. We are already working closely with No Fracked Gas in MassMassPLAN, and others. For more information about these, check out the statewide 350Mass site.