Local/Regional Food System Redesign

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The fledgling Western Mass. Regenerative Food System intends to link together existing projects and bring financial resources to raise 30% of food regeneratively by 2030. Read the introduction.

Local Projects

Follow the work of the Nolumbeka Project to propogate gardens based on traditional crops and cultivation methods, currently practiced in the Heritage Three Sisters Circle Garden in Northfield.

New England Region

The Good Food Purchasing Program transforms the way public institutions purchase food by creating a transparent and equitable food system designed to do for the food system what LEED certification did for energy efficiency in buildings. The Program provides a metric based, flexible framework that encourages large institutions to direct their buying power toward five core values: local economies, environmental sustainability, valued workforce, animal welfare and nutrition. The Good Food Purchasing Program is the first procurement model to support these food system values in equal measure.

The Sustainable Food Trust amplifies and connects organizations involved in this work. Read their suggestions about eating sustainably and follow their podcasts on how to transition towards food and farming systems, capable of nourishing both people and the planet.

Land to Market is a project of Savory Global: A community working to advance Holistic Management. It’s Ecological Outcome Verification is a standard scientists and researchers around the world developed. It is an empirical and scalable soil and landscape assessment methodology used to track outcomes in soil health, biodiversity, and ecosystem function.

Know the farmer

Farm and food locator from CISA–Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture

Local Harvest’s locator lists stores, farmer’s markets, and CSA’s (Community Supported Agriculture) sites