Racism – Climate Change Connections

The Racism-Climate Change Connections Working Group of CAN invites everyone to deepen your understanding of these connections, and be active in building a powerful climate justice movement. In order to stop climate change, we must address racism. Please use these pages to understand more about why this is true and how we can do this. Please join us as we learn together and become increasingly effective. To join the Working Group please email Russ at russvj@gmail.com.

“What’s Race Got to Do with It?”

a blog post on Russ Vernon-Jones’s Climate Justice blog that offers a quick overview.


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GOALS – Racism-Climate Connections Group

Learn more about racism-climate change connections ourselves, and share our learning with CAN participants. Enable all CAN working groups and projects to use a racial lens as one of the ways we all look at each project and issue. Assist CAN to develop more active alliances with organizations of people of color throughout the Valley, …

Climate Justice Handout – CAN

Created by the CAN Racism-Climate Connections Working Group, February, 2019 Download this and check it out – good information, graphics, and photos. Good for individual reading or for tabling.