Stop Local Pipeline Expansion: An Organizing Forum

Let’s get organized to stop local pipeline expansion!


Stop Local Pipeline Expansion: An Organizing Forum

This forum will featuring experts on climate change, the toxicity of gas, the pipeline web, and the political moment that we face. We are proud to say that newly-elected State Senator Jo Comerford and State Representative Lindsay Sabadosa and City Council President Ryan O’Donnell will help us formulate our resistance to the fossil fuel industry and specifically to the Columbia Gas Plan.

Tuesday, September 25  7 PM.      First Churches Sanctuary,  Main Street, Northampton,

Event updates will  be added here in the next few days.

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We need you to help us spread the word.   If your organization would like to sponsor this event  (no cost)  by lending your name to the event and encouraging your constituents to come out on Sept 25, please email  Marty Nathan


Whether the media wants to talk about it or not, the effects of worsening climate change are in the news every day. Hurricane Florence bears down on the southeast coast while the deaths from last year’s Hurricane Maria continue to mount. Unquenchable wildfires rage in California. All of us wearily say goodbye to a paralyzing summer that broke heat records throughout the world.

We are facing calamity with global warming and each day it becomes clearer that we must cut greenhouse gas emissions to stop it. Now.

Yet our local gas company has other ideas. With its Columbia Reliability Project it plans to build new gas pipeline that will deliver more gas to our region to burn and to leak for the next 30 years. It hints that if we support it and pay the 20-some million dollars it will cost, then they might lift the moratorium on new gas hookups.

Our planet and our local air cannot afford more gas or the infrastructure required to bring it. Yes, corroded, leaking pipelines should be replaced, but not expanded. Instead we should conserve energy through insulating our homes and converting to energy-efficient electric heating and cooling that can be served by renewably-sourced electricity. This is where our resources should be going. This is our alternative.