October Featured Climate Actions

This is the sixth our series of “Climate Actions of the Month”, brought to you by the USNF Climate Action Group (CAG).  It is a way to provide focus and build a spirit of collective action as we each do what we can to tackle climate change.  Each monthly bundle of actions touches on four levels:  personal, community, state/national/global and educational. To learn more contact Molly Hale at  hellomolly@comcast.net or 585-0791.

1.  Personal:  Drive slower on the highway to dramatically improve gas mileage.  In general, the performance of cars driving above 55 mph drops off rapidly because wind resistance increases at the increase  in  speed  squared.    Save  money  and  CO2   by  slowing  down!    For  more  information  see www.drive55.org and the Consumer Reports website.

2.   Community:   Attend one of the TD Bank Protests on October 5 in Amherst, Northampton, Springfield, Holyoke and Greenfield.
Civil disobedience as well as legal participation will protest TD Bank’s financing of Tar Sands oil mining and the pipelines (such as the Keystone XL) to transport the oil to the coasts for export and sale.  Such civil disobedience would be part of the “Pledge of Resistance” organized by the progressive phone company Credo Mobile.  Over 70,000 people all over the country have signed on so far, agreeing to take non-violent direct action to stop Tar Sands oil pipelines and shut down the Tar Sands mining in Canada itself.  Contact johnpberk@gmail.com for more information.

3. State/National/Global: Attend the Keystone XL Pipeline sit-in in Boston on Monday, October 7.
To build pressure on the Obama administration as it nears a decision on the Keystone pipeline, there will be a sit-in in Secretary of State John Kerry’s home town of Boston.  This will be a peaceful and dignified action organized by Credo, where participants can choose to risk arrest or participate legally.  All those risking arrest must be firmly committed to principles of non-violence and attend action training on Sunday afternoon before the action. To sign up click here.

4.  Inform yourself:  Watch the Bill Moyers interview on Making People Care about Climate Change.  Moyers interviews Anthony Leiserowitz, who specializes in the psychology  of  risk  perception.    Go  to  Bill Moyers’ website here to watch the interview.