Northampton Democratic City Committee Passes Carbon Pricing Resolution

On Saturday, May 16, at its annual meeting, the Northampton Democratic City Committee unanimously endorsed a resolution calling on the Massachusetts legislature to pass a carbon fee and rebate bill to cut emissions by placing a state fee on fossil fuel energy entering the state. An important aspect of this resolution is that it supports both carbon pricing bills currently in the legislature. This is consistent with the statewide coalition of environmental, community, labor and business groups which is seeking at this point in time to build broad support for the concept of carbon pricing. Members and affiliates of the coalition, named the MA Campaign for a Clean Energy Future, have obtained endorsements from 15 town committees. The coalition is seeking support from both Democratic and Republican organizations.

The resolution reads:
“We, the Northampton Democratic City Committee, urge the General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to pass legislation that combats climate change by placing charges on the carbon content of fossil fuels and returns the money to residents and employers. Specifically, we commend State Sen. Mike Barrett (D-Lexington) for drafting and submitting, ‘An Act Combating Climate Change’ and Sen. Marc Pacheco for drafting and submitting ‘An Act to Protect Our Environment and Reduce the Carbon Footprint of the Commonwealth.’  We strongly encourage our State Senators and Representatives, and our Governor, to make carbon pricing the law of our state.”