Make MA the First State to Divest


College students, people of faith, environmentalists, economists, unions, mothers, and others will be converging on the State House on Sept. 10 to support S. 1225, a bill sponsored by Sen. Ben Downing that requires MA to divest from fossil fuels!
WHAT: Rally and Hearing for MA State Divestment bill S. 1225!
WHERE: State House, 24 Beacon Street, Boston
WHEN: Tuesday, September 10th, 9:30am
RSVP NOW ON FACEBOOK!: Tell friends you are attending and invite them to RSVP.  Share it on your page.
TWITTER too: #divestma
WHAT TO EXPECT: Inspiring speakers, music, and hundreds of people supporting S.1225!
WHOM TO BRING: Your friends, children, community members, classmates!
WHAT TO BRING: Banners and clothing proclaiming “As a member of my community, school, union, or faith group, I want MA to divest from fossil fuels and take bold action on climate!”
CALL/WRITE OR VISIT: Your Senator and Representative to urge him/her to support S. 1225. (See sample letter,
postcard and fact sheet attached. The postcard can be copied on card and cut in half. No room numbers needed.)
PASS THE WORD: Resend this email to your networks. Pass out fliers at events. (See attached flier.) Write a letter to the editor. (See attached suggested language for a letter to the editor.) Retweet.
SIGN the Go Fossil Free petition here: the-state-of-massachusetts-pension-funds  Take the attached petition to your events and return the signatures to Darcy below.
If you need help with transportation, please check to see if you can carpool with someone from your area of MA:
Our state pension fund has $1.3 billion invested in fossil fuel companies, including Exxon and TransCanada (builder of the Keystone XL pipeline). Even President Obama and Forbes magazine have come out in favor of divestment. These investments are immoral and fiscally irresponsible. Because we can’t burn most of those reserves and maintain a livable climate, the carbon bubble is predicted to burst.
The fossil fuel divestment campaign has grown by leaps and bounds this past year and now we have the chance for the biggest win so far. And we’ve seen what happens when MA leads: the rest of the country often follows close behind.
For more information, see our website Fossil Fuel Divest MA
or contact Darcy DuMont at Send petitions to 142 Pondview Drive, Amherst,  MA 01002.