LTE Daphne Stevens: We can all act on climate change

Daphne Stevens: We can all act on climate change

Letter to the editor, published in the Hampshire Daily Gazette  September 27, 2016

We can all act on climate changeThank you to Marty Nathan for her two-part series about climate change on Sept. 6-7.

The articles were very clear about what is happening and what we all need to do to save life on this planet as we know it. I have been a climate activist for over 30 years and often feel despair.

For others who are disturbed by these changes, get involved to help find solutions. Join Climate Action Now, or CAN, which is an excellent group of very committed activists in this area. People in my church are very involved as well. Vote for those who will put the climate first when they make decisions.

Clearly, we cannot continue as usual, so join us as we work together in camaraderie. Also listen to your children because these things are being discussed. If you don’t discuss these changes, like the very serious drought that we are experiencing, children won’t have anyone to take their fears too.

Daphne Stevens