Legislators who supported Carbon Pricing Bill in 2015-2016 Session

Legislators who supported   
Carbon Pricing Bill in previous session 
Atkins, Cory14Middlesex
Balser, Ruth B.12Middlesex
Barber, Christine P.34Middlesex
Barrett, Michael J.*3rd  Middlesex 
Benson, Jennifer37MIddlesex
Brownsberger, William N.*2nd Middlesex and Suffolk 
Cariddi, Gailanne M.1Berkshire
Coppinger, Edward F.10Suffolk
Creem, Cynthia S.*1st  Middlesex and Norfolk 
Crighton, Bredon P.11Essex
Cronin, Claire D.11Plymouth
Decker, Marjorie C.25Middlesex
DiDomenico, Sal N.*Middlesex and Suffolk 
Donato, Paul J.35Middlesex
Donnelly, Kenneth4th Middlesex 
DuBois, Michelle M.10Plymouth
Eldridge, James B.*Middlesex and Worcester 
Farley-Bouvier, Tricia3Berkshire
Garballey, Sean23Middlesex
Garlick, Denise C.13Norfolk
Gentile, Carmine L.13Middlesex
Gordon, Kenneth21Middlesex
Hanlon Peisch, Alice14Norfolk
Hecht, Jonathan29Middlesex
Heroux, Paul R.2Bristol
Hunt, Daniel J.13Suffolk
Jehlen, Patricia2nd Middlesex 
Kafka, Louis L.8Norfolk
Keefe, Mary S.15Worcester
Khan, Kay11Middlesex
Kocot, Peter V.1Hampshire
Kulik, Stephen1Franklin
Lewis, Jason5th Middlesex 
Livingstone, Jay D.8Suffolk
Madden, Timothy R. Barnstable, Dukes & Nantucket
Mahoney, John J.13Worcester
Malia, Elizabeth A.11Suffolk
Mark, Paul W.2Berkshire
Mom, Rady18Middlesex
Moran, Michael J.18Suffolk
Murphy, James M.4Norfolk
Pignatelli, William Smitty4Berkshire
Provost, Denise27Middlesex
Puppolo, Anthony Jr.12Hampden
Rogers, David M.24Middlesex
Rushing, Byron9Suffolk
Ryan, Daniel2Suffolk
Sanchez, Jeffrey15Suffolk
Sannicandro, Tom7Middlesex
Schmid, Paul A. III8Bristol
Scibak, John W.2Hampshire
Smizik, Frank I.15Norfolk
Stanley, Thomas, M.9Middlesex
Story (Solomon Goldstein-Rose)3Hampshire
Swan, Benjamin (Bud Williams)11Hampden
Toomey, Timothy J. Jr.26Middlesex
Tosado, Jose F.9Hampden
Tucker, Paul7Essex
Utrino, Steven33Middlesex
Vega, Aaron5Hampden
Velis, John C.4Hampden
Walsh, Chris6MIddlesex
Wolf, Daniel A. *Cape and Islands