Join us for the ISO New England Consumer Liaison Group (CLG) meeting on June 4


We are reaching out to invite you to the next ISO New England (ISO-NE) Consumer Liaison Group (CLG) meeting on June 4, 2024 12:00-3:30pm at Holyoke Community College Kittredge Center in Holyoke, Massachusetts. 

ISO-NE is the independent, nonprofit organization charged with managing the New England electrical grid and wholesale markets. They accomplish this with our ratepayer dollars (the electric utilities forward portions of the bills we pay to (ISO-NE). This meeting is a great opportunity for New England ratepayers to get some answers to questions we posed last meeting about their demand response markets, begin a discussion about the meaning of “reliability,” hear about new developments at ISO-NE, and bring any other questions we have for the grid operator. It’s also a great opportunity for those who gather in-person to be together and experience the joy we create when we show up together!

For the June CLG meeting, ISO-NE reserved a room with only 100 seats, despite the fact that hundreds of ratepayers have been engaged in recent CLG meetings. In response, help us to pack the room in Holyoke (and the online meeting platform) to show ISO-NE that we will not be silenced!

Recently, ISO-NE has been pressured to silence ratepayer voices, and we could argue that senior management at the grid operator have collaborated in this effort directly. 

In early April, two people wrote a letter to an executive at ISO-NE demanding that the grid operator either rein us in or abolish the CLG. The authors are a powerful member of NEPOOL (the industry and utility-controlled official “stakeholder group” that exerts significant control over ISO New England) and an anti-renewables activist affiliated with the Texas Public Policy Foundation.  A week later, ISO officials reprimanded the CLG Coordinating Committee members we elected for emailing ratepayers about the importance of conservation demand response. You can read about what the state of New Hampshire’s Consumer Advocate had to say about this series of critiques directed at the Consumer Liaison Group here.

These tactics are evidence that we’re disrupting business-as-usual in a way that troubles industry insiders. We need you (and your friends) to help us keep the pressure on! 

Last week, ISO-NE submitted a filing to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) arguing that our comment (signed by over 4,000 people) opposing their recent Forward Capacity Auction results was “outside the scope” of the proceedings. The implication is that FERC will not hear claims that ISO-NE is acting in violation of the rules that govern their operations. Does this mean that the rules don’t apply to ISO-NE? Join us June 4th, and you can ask them yourself!


If you have never attended a meeting hosted by ISO-NE, you will be directed to make an account here. You’ll need to have the login information from that site when you register for this and future meetings. 

Once you have an account, you can register for the CLG Meeting here.Choose in-person attendance or online attendance (via WebEx), then click “Request” at the bottom.It is our goal to fill the room (there are 100 in-person seats total)If you can’t get to Holyoke, Massachusetts on a weekday afternoon, it’s still important to register to attend online. These registrations alone are evidence that people care about what is happening at ISO-NE.If you join in-person, lunch is provided from 12:00-12:30pm. The online portion (and in-person programming) begins at 12:30pm.

 IMPORTANT: In-person registration closes at noon on Wednesday, May 29th. Online registration closes at noon on June 4th.

The registration system maintained by ISO-NE is frustrating. Please stick with it, and if you have trouble, reach out to Marla for help 781-475-0996 or

Please note that we won’t get a record of your registration (ISO-NE does NOT share that information with us, so you may receive a text message from us inviting you to attend after you’ve registered.).REMEMBER: every expression of interest from the residential ratepayers of New England in these meetings is another piece of evidence to ISO-NE that they are no longer invisible to the general public. Help us demonstrate to ISO-NE that as long as they receive hundreds of millions of ratepayer dollars to conduct their business (and they control billions more through the design and management of wholesale electricity markets), they should expect our presence, our questions, our feedback, and our demands for a swift, just transition of the grid.

Thank you for showing up with us! We hope to host a zoom session for those who want to get an orientation to ISO-NE, CLG, and the meeting agenda. Stay tuned for details, and see you in Holyoke (and online)!
Keep it coming!
-Marla Marcum for the No Coal No Gas Campaign