Food Justice, Equity and Sovereignty

Food System TransformationNutrient Dense Food Food Justice, Equity, and SovereigntyRedesigned Local/Regional Food Systems

Learn from indigenous foodways

Unpack the racism in the food system

Promote agricultural worker autonomy

“The Agricultural Justice Project (AJP) works to transform the existing agricultural and food system into one based on empowerment, justice and fairness for all who labor from farm to retail.”

  • Farmers & all food system workers’ rights to freedom of association
  • Fair wages and benefits for workers
  • Fair and equitable contracts for farmers and buyers
  • Fair pricing for farmers
  • Clear conflict resolution policies for farmers, workers, and buyers
  • The rights of indigenous peoples (under development)
  • Workplace health and safety and decent farmworker housing
  • High quality training for farm interns and apprentices
  • The rights and protection of children on farms
  • Protection of the environment (organic and sustainable farming practices)