What Can I do?

Get in Touch

To receive meeting notices or email updates on our work join the RF3 work group listserv.

If you want more information, click or send an email to farms-forests-food@climateactionnowma.org . Let’s talk about what interests you and how you’d like to get involved.

Educate Yourself

Learn more about these issues on our Resources page!

Visit the NOFA/Mass site where you’ll see helpful tips for action steps everyone can take to restore carbon to the soil and turn climate change around.

Take Action

Explore the flyer Things you can do right now to help the earth

Take action on current issues from the Action Alerts page.

Support our priority legislation.

Plant a Climate Victory Garden — watch the video:

Less than 2 minute-long take on regenerative gardening
View “A Regenerative Climate Victory Garden” with urban gardener Ron Finley of Los Angeles and Rosario Dawson, an actress and activist.