Action Alerts from Farms, Forests & Food Systems Group

Support the Pesticide Bills H.792, S.499, H.791, S.477/H.776 (Details below)

  • -Call the MA Joint Committee on Environment, Natural Resources & Agriculture
    • Senate Chair, Anne Gobi: (617) 722-1540
    • House Chair, Smitty Pignatelli: (617) 722-2210
  • -Call your State Senator and Representative

Support Bill H. 897 to protect forest ecosystems on state lands
-Sign the petition to support the bill
-Visit the Save Mass Forests website for details and contact info
-Sign the petition for a moratorium on logging for all Massachusetts public land

Last chance to act on important climate crisis legislation! 

Please call  ENRA Committee Co-chairs Senator Anne Gobi (617) 722-1540 and Representative Smitty Pignatelli (617) 722-2210 early this week and urge them to give these bills, endorsed by Climate Action Now, a favorable vote.

Even if you have contacted these legislators’ offices about these bills already, please call them again. To call – just list the numbers and names of the bills you support and state your name and town.

If the JOINT COMMITTEE ON ENVIRONMENT, NATURAL RESOURCES AND AGRICULTURE (ENRA) does not act on these bills by February 5th they will die in committee.  Let’s not let that happen!

H.897, An Act Relative to Forest Protection protects our state owned forests from logging. This action will fight climate change by reducing carbon loss and increasing carbon sequestration. 

H.853, An Act to Assure the Attainment of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Goals of the Alternative Portfolio Standard amends Massachusetts’ Alternative Portfolio Standard (APS) by removing subsidies for wood-burning heating systems such as biomass.

H.792, An Act relative to the prohibition of the transfer or use of glyphosate in the Commonwealth. This bill prohibits the distribution, sale or use of glyphosate or any products containing glyphosate within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (full ban).

S.447/H.776, An Act empowering towns and cities to protect residents and the environment from harmful pesticides. This bill restores the power of municipal governments to restrict the use, application or disposal of pesticides within that town or city.

S.499, An Act relative to the use of glyphosate on public lands. This bill would end the application of glyphosate on any on any public lands owned or maintained by the Commonwealth without a special permit. 

 H.791 – An Act relative to improving pesticide protections for Massachusetts schoolchildren. This bill would allow only pesticides considered minimum risk by EPA, or certified organic, on the outdoor grounds of schools, child care centers and school age child care programs within the state, which would prohibit the use of toxic pesticides like glyphosate and 2,4-D.

Thank you for adding your voice!

For more information on H.853 and H.897 visit

Here is a recent Greenfield Recorder piece by Michael Kellet My Turn: Forest Protection Bill H.897: Setting the record straight 

Climate Action Now has signed a Northeast Organic Farming Association-initiated coalition letter  to the MA Legislature ENRA Committee, supporting several pesticide bills. “At a time of climate crisis, rapid insect extinctions, [1] declining bird populations [2] and rising rates of chronic human illness, we must address how the pervasive use of synthetic toxic pesticides in our school yards, our farm fields and our communities contributes to this urgent situation” click here to read more.And if you can do more please call or write to the co-sponsors of H.897 to thank them for supporting our efforts and let them know why you care.