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Co-sponsors needed for the forest protection bills filed for the 2021-22 legislative session
More information HERE from Save Massachusetts Forests

H.912, An Act Relative to Forest Protection is sponsored by Representative Michael Finn (6th Hampden District).

This bill would update century-old public land policies written before we recognized the climate crisis and global loss of biodiversity. The bill would help address these concerns by permanently designating 412,000 acres of lands controlled by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation as parks and reserves. We would be conserving intact ecosystems to be influenced primarily by natural processes in our forests and parks.

The text of H.912 can be found here. Also read the fact sheet for this bill (originally HD2871)

H.1002 , An Act Relative to Increased Protection of Wildlife Management Areas, sponsored by Representative Lindsay Sabadosa (1st Hampshire District).

This bill would expand the system of Nature Reserves in Wildlife Management Areas under the control of the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife, and make them permanent. The bill would direct the designation of at least 30% of agency’s lands as Nature Reserves by 2030, consistent with the latest biological and climate science.

The text of H.1002 can be found here. Also read the fact sheet for this bill (originally HD3197)

Co-sponsors needed to fund the ~ Healthy Soils ~ initiative
SIGN ON to support this bill and thank legislators for starting this new program

Representative Paul Schmid, House lead on the successful Healthy Soils Bill (passed in January!), is now submitting a $160K budget appropriation request to help start the new program. We need YOU healthy soils advocates to ask your legislators to support this budget appropriation. Budget season starts has begun, so please contact your representative by mid-April, 2021 and please pass along this alert. 

Help Rep. Paul Schmid’s appropriations bill for $160K get the co-sponsors it needs by mid-April. More information HERE from NOFA Mass.