About the Farms, Forests and Food Systems Workgroup

The Earth has always self-regulated through healthy living systems but humans are destroying its ability to maintain homeostasis, through continued degradation of ecosystems. Our group formed in the hopes of expanding the lens of the customary climate change model that limits the conversation to temperature rises from greenhouse gases, to be solved by reducing fossil fuel emissions and monitored by carbon metrics. We need to actively remove carbon from the atmosphere, yes, and to store it in healthy soil, but we need to look beyond even that. 

Our group favors a holistic approach that sees climate derangement as a symptom of systemic illness. stemming from a fundamental disconnect between humans and the Earth we are a part of, from each other and ultimately from ourselves. Ecological healing necessitates a deep appreciation of nature’s systems, through broad comprehensive strategies that will protect and restore the health of soil, water, and ecosystems. We focus, in collaboration with our allies, on education and policy that support biodiversity, forest protection, regenerative organic farming and food justice/sovereignty.  

If we understand that we don’t completely understand the complexity of natural processes, and that we are part of this greater living organism called Earth, we can learn from and work with nature. We need to shift from the habitual fearful war model that seeks to control, conquer and extract, and choose to be in loving relationship and participate with appreciation for all we have.

Next Meeting January 18, 6:30 pm. (Contact us to request link).

Next Event in the Soils Speaker Series is February 2, 2021, 7 pm:
Carbon Farming: Impact of Agrochemicals on Soils & Climate ~ Ed Stockman
Talks are free but you must register.

Current Campaigns and Projects

Education, Collaboration and Legislation

  • Forest Protection
    • Forest Speaker Series on the Critical Importance of Forests
    • Campaigns to update forest management policy and protect MA public lands
  • Educational Outreach Programs/Workshops
    • Beyond Climate: A Holistic approach to Ecological Healing
      Upcoming Talks on Biodiversity in Ecosystems, Soil Health, Forests, Regenerative Organic Farming, Food Justice/Sovereignty
  • Pesticide Free Campaigns
    • Collaborating with NOFA/Mass on glyphosate and agriculturally relevant bills
  • Alliance Building/Collaborations

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    If you want more information, contact farms-forests-food@climateactionnowma.org .