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So I joined in the anti-pipeline activities in Holyoke to be in solidarity with Jackie Velez who is running neighbor to neighbor at the time. I’ve been sick for four or five years, and have not lived in my apartment. Recently, I move back in. Holyoke gas and electric called a moratorium on new gas infrastructure and if you were not using your gas which I only use for a stove, my heat is included in the rent. If you are not using your gas in January 2019 and have not used it for the entire 2018 year you were subject to lose your meter. I moved back into my apartment in full time December 2020. I got a letter on February 14(I was house sitting and got the letter last night) saying that I’m losing my gas meter. I am losing my gas meter because they don’t have enough meters to give to the new marijuana industry, so they’re finding people like myself who had some life circumstance that precluded them from using their gas. It doesn’t matter that I’ve use the gas in the last month. In fact they are telling me they can’t see any gas usage. But I making popcorn with nutritional yeast every night. My landlord didn’t raise my rent for two years, -and I didn’t know -because I’d been told that I had a terminal health diagnosis which was hopefully wrong. They have diagnosed me with something else that is degenerative but not necessarily terminal. Now the landlord is going to have to buy an electric stove for me. I want people to know the consequences of stopping the pipeline. Holyoke gas and electric is acting in a completely mercenary way.The new director for neighbor2neighbor Holyoke went to the gas and electric for me and got a list of “it’s not just Nancy.” Apparently people who heat one room are losing their meters. People who traveled and didn’t use their meter or gas in in that timeframe all of 2018 to January 2019 are losing our meters. Then some folks who have pools that use gas seasonally are all losing their meters. Just so we can give some businesses our gas meters. I’m not gonna be able to afford to live in my apartment much longer. I’ve lived there for over 15 years. But in the last year of maybe a living in my apartment I’m going to have to inconvenience my landlords so some millionaire in the marijuana industry can make more millions. If you know people with citizens action networkCAN Tell them what’s happening and have them come down and organize around folks not losing their gas meters. They came down to organize against the pipeline at the very least they can stand in solidarity and bear witness to what is happening.

Wow! 300 students at Mt Holyoke divestment rally today
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