December Featured Climate Actions

We all know about Climate Change but may feel overwhelmed and ask ourselves “What can I do?” To provide focus and encourage action that is so urgently needed, each month USNF Climate Action Group (CAG) provides suggestions at each of 4 levels: personal, community, state/national/global, and educational. To learn more about the CAG contact Molly Hale at or 585-0791.

1. Personal:Interested in owning solar electricity generation but unable to install it on-site? If you live in Northampton, Williamsburg, Goshen, Shutesbury, Wendell, or Granby you are eligible to buy into a community solar array in Harvard, MA. Electricity generated by your share appears as a credit on your National Grid bill. Participants are eligible for Solar Renewable Energy Credits and state and federal grants. Lots of information is available at here. The deadline complete registration is Dec 31, so don’t delay!


2. Community: Write a letter to the editor of your local paper about a climate change issue of your choice. Reach into your heart and get in touch with some authentic feelings you have about climate change. Do these feelings suggest an action, idea, or thought you’d like to share publically? If climate change is important to you, speak up!


3. State/National/Global: 350MA has organized a “Climate Legacy Campaign” to encourage Massachusetts Governor Patrick to consider the environmental legacy of his administration. More info about the campaign is here. Click here to download a sheet of 4 postcards. Have copies printed on cardstock of your choice, and give them out to MA friends and co-workers to sign and send in. Share this link with MA friends via Facebook or email and ask them to do the same.


4. Inform yourself: Attend a panel discussion about Decommissioning Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant. Sun. Dec. 8, 2-4 pm at Bridge St. School in Northampton. The plant is closing late in 2014, and the decommissioning process is potentially more dangerous than actual operation. Inform yourself of the compelling and critical safety, financial, and political ramifications.