DCR: Stop Logging Our State Owned Forests!

The MA Dept. of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) has announced its annual round of forest management (i.e. logging) projects.  Let’s tell the DCR to stop logging our state-owned forests and preserve them for biodiversity and carbon sequestration.  Comments may be submitted online at: Forestry.comments@mass.gov. until August 31st.

Here is a link to the DCR’s description of this year’s forest management projects.

Mention what you know about carbon storage in forests and soils, biodiversity, the forest as an organism unto itself not just a collection of lumber, the fact that forests and nature predate us. You can note that forests already know how to self-regulate and do not need human tinkering. 

And remember it’s not necessary to comment as an expert in forestry! You are an expert about your relationship to forests. We are talking about public lands–that belong to you. There are sufficient private lands for logging needs. So note the importance to you of protecting our public lands and forests and why it’s important to YOU. Do you have a spiritual connection to nature or the forest? Do you derive pleasure and health from walking or hiking or biking in the forest? Are you a birder? Do you enjoy wildflowers, mushrooms, ferns, salamanders and other wildlife sightings? They are all impacted by logging.