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What is our campaign for Carbon Pollution Fee and Rebate?

We’re working to make Massachusetts one of the first states in the Nation to pass a fair price on carbon. We’re members of the Massachusetts Campaign for a Clean Energy Future, a coalition of environmental, business, labor, and civic organizations that are working to insure that carbon pricing policies reduce greenhouse gas emissions, strengthen the […]

Have you heard of Carbon Pollution Fee and Rebate? It’s an important part of the climate solution puzzle!


Sample Carbon Pricing letter to Gov Baker

Action alert!  Feb 2016. Use this letter as-is, or edit to your liking, or just take inspiration. Thank you! Massachusetts State House Office of the Governor Room 280 Boston, MA 02133 ========================================= Dear Governor Baker,   I am writing to ask you to take the next step in the history of bold, bipartisan environmental leadership […]

Northampton Democratic City Committee Passes Carbon Pricing Resolution

On Saturday, May 16, at its annual meeting, the Northampton Democratic City Committee unanimously endorsed a resolution calling on the Massachusetts legislature to pass a carbon fee and rebate bill to cut emissions by placing a state fee on fossil fuel energy entering the state. An important aspect of this resolution is that it supports […]

Marty Nathan: It ought to be a law, and can: carbon fee and rebate

Marty Nathan, a member of  Climate Action Now,  is a regular contributor to the Gazette opinion pages. Here is her most recent column: By MARTY NATHAN in the Hampshire Daily Gazette  Thursday, April 23, 2015 NORTHAMPTON — Most of the climate news from the oceans and the Arctic and California has been grim, with changes […]

350 Mass Organizes to Support Fair Carbon Pricing Legislation

On Saturday, March 28, ten Fair Carbon Pricing organizers from around the state met in Worcester. There were three important outcomes. First, the group decided to officially join the MA Carbon Pricing Coalition. Second, the group determined who would work to enlist the support of the high-priority legislators. Third, the group agreed to an approach […]

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