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Would you like to help with the April 29 Western Mass Climate Justice March?

If you wish to help with this march, here are some ways:

* Please spread the word about the march, invite people, and make solid plans to show up with  your friends and family on this important day. 

—     Click HERE for the march webpage.     

—     Click HERE for the facebook event.

* If you would like to help organize or volunteer to help setup on march day, please email us at


* If you are on facebook, please share the event and rsvp/going to the event. 

Here is the facebook event page for the march:

* Financial – a march like this comes with expenses such as port-a-johns and staging.

If you would like to contribute, you can use paypal or a check. 

— Paypal – use this donate button


 — Check: please make your check payable to “Climate Action Now”, put “March” in the for line
and mail it to our treasurer  
Rene Theberge, 250 Shutesbury Road, Amherst, MA 01002

 **** Thank you! ****

Legislators who supported Carbon Pricing Bill in 2015-2016 Session

Legislators who supported     
Carbon Pricing Bill in previous session  
Atkins, Cory 14 Middlesex
Balser, Ruth B. 12 Middlesex
Barber, Christine P. 34 Middlesex
Barrett, Michael J.* 3rd  Middlesex  
Benson, Jennifer 37 MIddlesex
Brownsberger, William N.* 2nd Middlesex and Suffolk  
Cariddi, Gailanne M. 1 Berkshire
Coppinger, Edward F. 10 Suffolk
Creem, Cynthia S.* 1st  Middlesex and Norfolk  
Crighton, Bredon P. 11 Essex
Cronin, Claire D. 11 Plymouth
Decker, Marjorie C. 25 Middlesex
DiDomenico, Sal N.* Middlesex and Suffolk  
Donato, Paul J. 35 Middlesex
Donnelly, Kenneth 4th Middlesex  
DuBois, Michelle M. 10 Plymouth
Eldridge, James B.* Middlesex and Worcester  
Farley-Bouvier, Tricia 3 Berkshire
Garballey, Sean 23 Middlesex
Garlick, Denise C. 13 Norfolk
Gentile, Carmine L. 13 Middlesex
Gordon, Kenneth 21 Middlesex
Hanlon Peisch, Alice 14 Norfolk
Hecht, Jonathan 29 Middlesex
Heroux, Paul R. 2 Bristol
Hunt, Daniel J. 13 Suffolk
Jehlen, Patricia 2nd Middlesex  
Kafka, Louis L. 8 Norfolk
Keefe, Mary S. 15 Worcester
Khan, Kay 11 Middlesex
Kocot, Peter V. 1 Hampshire
Kulik, Stephen 1 Franklin
Lewis, Jason 5th Middlesex  
Livingstone, Jay D. 8 Suffolk
Madden, Timothy R.   Barnstable, Dukes & Nantucket
Mahoney, John J. 13 Worcester
Malia, Elizabeth A. 11 Suffolk
Mark, Paul W. 2 Berkshire
Mom, Rady 18 Middlesex
Moran, Michael J. 18 Suffolk
Murphy, James M. 4 Norfolk
Pignatelli, William Smitty 4 Berkshire
Provost, Denise 27 Middlesex
Puppolo, Anthony Jr. 12 Hampden
Rogers, David M. 24 Middlesex
Rushing, Byron 9 Suffolk
Ryan, Daniel 2 Suffolk
Sanchez, Jeffrey 15 Suffolk
Sannicandro, Tom 7 Middlesex
Schmid, Paul A. III 8 Bristol
Scibak, John W. 2 Hampshire
Smizik, Frank I. 15 Norfolk
Stanley, Thomas, M. 9 Middlesex
Story (Solomon Goldstein-Rose) 3 Hampshire
Swan, Benjamin (Bud Williams) 11 Hampden
Toomey, Timothy J. Jr. 26 Middlesex
Tosado, Jose F. 9 Hampden
Tucker, Paul 7 Essex
Utrino, Steven 33 Middlesex
Vega, Aaron 5 Hampden
Velis, John C. 4 Hampden
Walsh, Chris 6 MIddlesex
Wolf, Daniel A. * Cape and Islands  

Join us for BREAKFREE 2016 in Albany This Saturday, May 14th

Break Free 2016 in Albany This Saturday, May 14th

There is still time to join with many others from Western Mass who are heading to the Break Free from Fossil Fuels Mass Action to Stop the Bomb Trains in Albany on Saturday, May 14th.  If you need or can offer a ride please contact David Arbeitman from Climate Action Now ( up until noon on Friday, May 13th) and he will assist you.  Break Free is a series of 23 mass actions demanding to Keep Fossil Fuels In The Ground in 12 countries on 6 continents. Actions have already started all across the globe. If you are still deciding whether or not to go please read these words from Jay O’Hara of the Climate Disobedience Center, one of the organizers of the Albany action.

Our motivation to take action for climate and environmental justice can spring from our anger, sadness, love and so many other emotions, even fear. But in our coming together, living into the crisis with our bodies in a way that confronts the urgency and magnitude of this situation, we find an opportunity for true hope. With so many lives at stake at Ezra Prentice homes and in the South End of Albany, all along the rail corridor blast zone, in the shale fields of North Dakota where this fracked oil is loaded into the trains, and across the globe as climate catastrophe unfolds – this is a serious endeavor. I’m convinced that this sort of action works because we lead by example. And when we lead boldly by example, people are moved to join us.

 Go to for full details

A crew of Break Free organizers “met with” the Chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) – the body that approves most of the pipelines in the country.
Check out and share the video on our Facebook Page!

Nov 29 Global Climate March: Amherst, Northampton, Spingfield, Athol Join 2,330 actions around the globe!

On the eve of the big U.N summit in Paris, the climate movement is taking to the streets. With climate change in the global spotlight, this is our chance to make the talks work for our movement. This is our chance to set the agenda for ambition.

Our message: keep fossil fuels in the ground and finance a just transition to 100% renewable energy by 2050.

Please help spead the word! by sharing and rsvp’ing these facebook events for northampton,amherst,springfield!


Residents and Friends of the the North Quabbin Region are invited to our Global Climate March from 1:00 – 2:00 PM, Sunday, November 29th
We invite folks Join the March – bring signs and banners;  read a short message or sing a song;  bring hand drums, string or wind instruments;  or just come to witness and support the March.
Many of the major environmental and Climate Justice Action groups in the North Quabbin Region have joined as Sponsors of the March, including:  Earthlands, North Quabbin Energy;  NQ Pipeline Action, Mt. Grace Conservation Land Trust, Sacred Earth Network, Ritual Expressions, N.Q. Women in Black, Petersham Energy Committee, Ritual Expressions, Common  Grow, and many others.
Speakers and musicians are getting lined-up.
After the March, all are invited to the Annual Earthlands Thanksgiving Potluck & Gathering at 39 Glasheen Road, Petersham, MA 01366 for good food, amazing music, stimulating conversation, and inspiring community.


MOre info

Co-Sponsors for Springfield March and Rally- October 20th

Current Co-sponsors of the October 20th March and Rally

 Arise for Social Justice

NEON (North End Organizing Network)

Climate Action NOW! Massachusetts

Christ Church Cathedral

Baystate Brightwood Health Center

Episcopal Diocese of Western Massachusetts

Stand For Children

New England Synod, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Longmeadow Transition Town Committee

Clean Water Action

Code Pink

Progressive Democrats of America

Neighbor to Neighbor

Springfield No One Leaves

Partners for a Healthier Community

Pioneer Valley Asthma Project

Mason Square Health Task Force

Traprock Center for Peace and Justice

MoveOn Councils of Western Mass

The Enviro Show

Mothers Out Front

What? Fracked Gas in Mass?

_3050342The next stop the Tennessee Gas pipeline meeting is this coming Thursday, April 17th.


144 MAIN STREET, Greenfield

Time: 6 PM-8 PM

 Come learn the latest updates and get ready to spread the word about the pipeline and why it is so urgent to STOP it!!

  • Welcome/Introductions/Agenda Overview/Report Back from last meeting 
  • Special guest speaker: Conservation Law Center Senior Attorney Shanna Cleveland
  • Project Overview/Update, Basics of the TGP: Jim Cutler, Affected landowner, Ashfield,
  • Stories of Action, How to Get Plugged In: Katy Eiseman, No Fracked Gas in Mass
  • Action Steps/Catapult – Brainstorm

Festivals/Farmers Markets/Actions/ Events/ Everywhere we need to be to let people know about the pipeline and the resistance

Sign-ups for outreach   

Massachusetts Petition to Ban New “Fracked Gas” Pipelines and to Champion Sustainable Energy

Please consider signing this important petition:

Fracked Gas Pipeline Organizing Meeting March 5th

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Photos by Rene Theberge, copyright 2014.

Valley Organizing Meeting: No Gas Pipeline

Next Meeting:

STOP THE Tennessee Gas Pipeline


Previous Meetings/notes

It wasn’t a valley meeting at all.  It was a statewide meeting that took place in the valley.  On Wednesday, March 5th, over 50 activists from across the state met to start an organizing strategy for this proposed, atrocious fracked gas pipeline.  We had 3 organizers from Boston representing, BetterFutureProject.Org and and members of the new group which is a great resource.

Also, on Saturday, March 9th, over 100 people met in Cummington to voice their opposite to this proposed pipeline going thru their back yards.

We’re also establishing a working relationship with from New York as they have been fighting this fight for a while now and see us as nature allies because if the pipeline can’t come thru Massachusetts, then it will be less viable in New York.

There is a very positive vibe of this being a unify issue to bridge local with national to global issues like Keystone XL.

A great way to stay on top of this issue is to sign up for our newsletter here.

Or contact us here.

Dear Secretary of State Kerry

Dear Secretary of State Kerry,

It is absolutely essential that you reject the recently submitted EIS for the Keystone XL Pipeline. The construction process itself poses threats to the environment, but even worse is the potential for leaks and spillage of the extremely toxic tar sands oil. Worst of all, however, is that the tar sands oil needs to stay in the ground. If it is extracted and burned, the carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere will significantly increase the amount of climate instability that the USA (along with the rest of the world) is experiencing. The extreme droughts (and resulting wildfires) in the West; the flooding along the Gulf and Atlantic coasts, and the uncharacteristically severe winter storms that have hit the Midwest, South, and Northeast can all be traced to an unprecedented warming of the oceans over which our weather forms. The question that you have in your hands is not whether or not the Earth will survive–it will–but whether or not the Earth will continue to be as hospitable a place for humans as it has been for the past thousands of years. The climate over that time has experienced some natural variation, but current levels of greenhouse gases are pushing it well beyond its historical range of variability. In other words, conditions now are like they have never been before. It is reckless and irresponsible to approve construction of a project that facilitates the release of more and more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere when all the scientific evidence shows that it is imperiling the continued hospitality of the planet for human (and other) life as we know it. Throughout your adult life, you have often been in a position to save human lives–as a soldier in Vietnam, as a veteran opposing the war in Vietnam, as an elected official in Massachusetts and in the United States Senate, and now as US Secretary of State negotiating an end to conflicts in the Mideast and elsewhere. The decision over the XL Pipeline is another situation in which human lives have been placed in your hands; you are in a position to make a significant difference in the lives of billions of people now and in the future. Please act responsibly and reject the Keystone XL Pipeline. It might be the most important thing you have done in your long and distinguished career in public service.


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