Action Alert: advocate for Carbon Pollution Pricing on Gov. Baker’s public comments for global warming solutions portal

Please use your voice as a citizen of Massachusetts to advocate for Carbon Pollution Fee and Rebate.  Governor Baker has set up a public comment portal to collect citizen input on how to meet emission reduction rules as set forth in the Global Warming Solutions Act.

Please do this before Dec 15, 2016.

Public comments will be entered into the public record. You may comment anonymously or use your name.  Please do not use Climate Action Now for “3. Company or organization”;  it’s more effective to comment as an individual citizen.

Voice your support  for “carbon pollution fee and rebate as the most effective and efficient way to quickly move our economy away from fossil fuels and toward a renewable energy future.”  

(You can use these words, or make your own message.)

Link to public comments portal:  Click HERE

Instructions for portal:  Click HERE

A more detailed sample letter: Click HERE   (You can also send this complete letter to the governor’s office)

Learn more about Carbon Pollution Fee and Rebate with these 2  resources:

Overview of Carbon Pollution Fee and Rebate:  Click HERE

Climate X Change – Carbon Pricing Basics:  Click HERE