Carbon Pollution Fee and Rebate

WELCOME to the CAN Carbon Pollution Fee and Rebate Working Group

We are working group members of Carbon Action Now (CAN), working in western MA to make the state one of the first states in the nation to pass a fair price on carbon. We recognize the urgency of global warming, which gives us only a short set of years to make a difference.

Our group meets on the first and third Tuesdays of the month, in the morning from 9-10:30 AM at Panera’s in Hadley. (It’s between Whole Foods and Barnes and Noble.)

We work to persuade Representatives, Senators, and our Governor  in Massachusetts to support critical bills that will reduce greenhouse gases responsible for climate warming. We also work to educate and influence groups that themselves become capable of influencing our legislators. There is a lot to do and we hope you join in!

As a newcomer you will be very welcome. We are a task-oriented group.  if you want something to do, you will be matched with a mentor or partner to help you get up to speed on the issues and strategies. Then we will work to find a task for you that is best matched to your skills and available time.

For more information, please contact the Group Facilitator, Mary Jo Maffei

Click here to see specific actions steps and key messages:  HOW YOU CAN HELP PASS CARBON PRICING in MASSACHUSETTS document.

Click here for form to Sign up for Carbon Pollution Fee and Rebate Working Group Emails

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