Action Alert! Last Chance to Shape MA Energy Bill Until 2018.

Help MA become the  leader in the Green Energy Revolution: get these amendments passed!


The Senate votes on its Energy Bill (S.2372) this Thursday, June 30. This is our chance to shape the debate. The stronger the Senate Bill the better chance that the final Bill negotiated with the House will include our priorities.

To find contact information for your Senator go here and request support for the following amendments.


“I am a constituent of Senator _______ and I’m calling to let them know that I support the Senate’s energy bill S.2372.  I would also like him/her to vigorously support the following AMENDMENTS:

*Sen. Jehlen’s amendment to ban the pipeline tax – Please prohibit electric companies from charging us for gas pipelines we don’t want.

*Sen. Creem’s amendment to strengthen our gas leaks laws- We need better gas leaks repair policies such as those included in the House bill by adding worker safety provisions.

*Sen. Eldridge’s amendment to restore retail net metering rate for low-income solar arrays- We need to assure that low-income families have equal access to the benefits of solar energy.

*Sen. Eldridge’s amendment to raise the solar net metering cap- We have already reached the new cap in some areas— we need to allow solar energy to grow and prosper!

*Sen. Barrett’s amendment to institute a carbon pricing policy (carbon fee and rebate)- This policy will move us to a cleaner environment, create jobs and be socially just.

Thank the Senator for supporting these important issues.”

Thank you for picking up the phone and making this one call now!