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Get on the bus to the People’s Climate March!

Hundreds of thousands of people – this is a moment in history. Because this is a “movement of movements” moment, the People’s Climate March is being organized in a participatory, open-source model. This means that there isn’t a central “decision-making” body or single coalition. Rather, groups and individuals are collaborating with some basic shared agreements around […]

Upcoming meeting: Why Springfield Needs a Climate Action Plan

North End Coalition to Hold Climate Justice/Air Pollution Community Meeting SPRINGFIELD. A North End health-focused coalition will be holding a community meeting to discuss how to combat air pollution and climate change on Wednesday, September 17 at 6 pm at the Gerena School, Birnie Avenue , Springfield. The North End Outreach Network, New North Citizens […]

Action Alert! Rally in Boston on July 30th

  This will be a crucial action to resist the proposed gas pipeline! People from Western MA will be joining folks from around the state to conclude the rolling march in Boston with a rally that sends a resounding message that says NO PIPELINE! Check out the Facebook event page and if you would like […]

What People Are Saying


“Game Over for the Climate”

If Canada proceeds, and we do nothing, it will be game over for the climate.

Canada’s tar sands, deposits of sand saturated with bitumen, contain twice the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by global oil use in our entire history.

Portrait of Bill McKibben, author and activist. photo ©Nancie Battaglia

“Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math”

Three simple numbers that add up to global catastrophe – and that make clear who the real enemy is

Theresa Spence Jean Socks Danny Metatawabin

“I’ll still be here on my hunger strike until the actual meeting takes place.”

Chief Theresa Spence expressed joy Friday at news that Prime Minister Stephen Harper has agreed to meet First Nations leaders, but said she won’t end her hunger strike until the meeting actually takes place next Friday.