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Sen Markey, who has chaired the last climate select committee, on board with the Green New Deal!


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Call & tweet your thanks & support! And let's tell the others how we feel about this: For the Reps, we want a House Select Committee for the Green New Deal. (or just voice general support). @RepRichardNeal 202-225-5601 @RepMcGovern 202-225-6101 @senWarren 202- 224-4543 @senMarkey 202-224-2742 (endorsed Green New Deal with AOC - call to thank & voice support) Please act today! Call or tweet for the Green New Deal! #greenNewDeal


Those of a certain age might remember a time when having only a handful of channels on TV meant that after a big show aired, you could go to school or work the next day, and discuss with everyone.  It felt like the whole country participated in a common activity. I had this experience watching Roots somewhere in the 70s.

NOW is a time we need to gather our families and friends and get on the same frequency about the public health emergency and political problem known as climate breakdown.

TONIGHT - gather round your youtube, twitter or facebook delivery system and watch this thing together. 
Discuss amongst yourselves!
Then roll it out to other parts of your life.
Who wants to go to DC?

Sunrise is mobilizing for MONDAY DEC 10 (prep session Sunday evening)   They are organizing people from an area to go down together, and might be able to help with costs for young people, so if you are interested in showing up for this historic moment sign up below. Fill the halls of congress Dec 10! Pass it on!

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Divest Smith College UMass Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaign Mount Holyoke Climate Justice Coalition

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