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Climate Action Now MA added an event.

Climate Action Now Monthly Gathering
Monday, August 28th, 2017

Our monthly gatherings usually start with a presentation and then we split off into several "take action" groups.

Special Presentation: Western Mass Community Energy

--We began as a group of residents working to form a Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) to serve Northampton, Amherst and Pelham. CCA is a wonky name to describe a simple concept: group purchasing of electricity by municipalities.

CCA's can also develop and implement energy efficiency and local renewable energy projects. Come find out about this project is helping to lead Massachusetts to a fossil fuel free future and discover how you can get involved.
TAKE ACTION GROUPS for August 28th include:

*Climate Change & Nuclear Weapons
* Creating the first ever Climate Justice tent at the Garlic and Arts Festival
* 100% Renewable Energy Campaigns
* Rays the Valley
* Organizing for September 19th Telecommunications, Utilities and * Energy (TUE) Hearing at the State House.�

Feel the warmth of community and the strength of collective action as we move forward together at this critical moment in history.

We are all in this together-everyone is welcome and needed!

We come together once a month to meet each other, plan, and imagine how to contribute, in our corner of the world, to the urgent fight against climate change . Help us organize to protect constitutionally protected conservation land from Kinder Morgan, stop gas leaks statewide and biomass in Springfield, create a clean and renewable energy future in Massachusetts, and figure out how to build up urgency in the public so that we can pressure institutions as a movement. We love to meet newcomers, whether you are brand new to activism or have been doing this a long time. We do not have a membership or dues. People give of their time and talent when they see fit. You are welcome to join us!

Everyone is warmly welcomed!

Monday, August 28th, 2017
7 to 9 PM
Unitarian Society of Northampton and Florence
220 Main Street, Northampton
Accessible and on a bus line
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Tonight AUG 13, SUNDAY, Northampton City Hall 7-8 PM all out

White supremacy and fascism have no place on this earth. Community members, leftists, and anti-fascist organizers have been countering a massive far-right mobilization in Charlottesville, VA. They have been facing far-right terror and violence to defend Charlottesville, with at least IWW member dead. 

Mourn for dead, fight like hell for the living. Come together to say no to white supremacy, racism, anti-semitism, and fascism.

Northampton residents, please join Coop Power's Lynn Benander in a discussion of Community Shared Solar options at a potluck meeting of on Monday, August 14 at 6:30 pm at 59 Massasoit Street, Northampton. For more information contact Marty Nathan at ... See MoreSee Less


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Some say "the soil will save us"...
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Whether you are a farmer, landscaper or hobby gardener, by working with plants and soil microbes, YOU can take direct action to address climate change! Come to the 2017 NOFA Summer Conference and learn how to literally pull carbon out of the atmosphere and build soil fertility! August 11-13 at Hampshire College in Amherst. Over 130 workshops and sessions, including: "Carbon Farming: Regenerative Agriculture for Climate Stabilization" with Connor Stedman, AppleSeed Permaculture "Regenerative Farming, Impact Investing, & Climate Change" with Sally Dodge (Northeast Community Development, Iroquois Valley Farms) and Dale Guldbrandsen (Iroquois Valley Farms) "Home Garden No-till & Cover Crops for Carbon Sequestration" with Sharon Gensler, NOFA/Mass "Sequestering Carbon, Improving Soil, & Increasing Crop Yields with Microrhyzal Fungi " with Bill MacKentley, Farmer and horticulturalist. "Keeping Soil Covered to Enhance Biodiversity, Fertility & Food Quality," with Julie Rawson, Many Hands Organic Farm and NOFA/Mass "Intensive Silvopasture for New England" with Susanne Hale, New England Small Farm Institute "Fixing the Carbon & Water Cycle with Cattle" with Ridge Shinn, Big Picture Beef ( In addition over 130 workshops, this 3-day celebration of the organic movement features annual favorites like the Children’s Conference, contra dance, film screenings, local dinner celebration, farm tours, exhibitors tent, and live music and drumming. This year will also feature a “Country Fair”, showcasing farm and garden innovations! Fun for the whole family! For more information and to register, please visit #NOFASC #soilsolutions #regenerate #climateaction CT NOFA, Northeast Organic Farming Association of RI - NOFA RI, Northeast Organic Farming Association of New Jersey, NOFA-NH, NOFA-VT, NOFA-NY, Soil Solutions, Kiss The Ground, Regeneration International, Organic Consumers Association, Regeneration Vermont, Regeneration Massachusetts *Original artwork by John Sherffius for the 2015 NOFA/Mass white paper: “"Soil Carbon Restoration: Can Biology do the job?” available for free at


Some say the soil will save us...

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Arrests happening now at Beech Plain Road. Who is the public safety risk?



Climate Action Now MA shared Nolumbeka Project's photo.

1) Pocumtuck Homelands Festival in Turner's Falls, all day
2) "Let the Landscape Speak" Fundraiser to Support Indigenous Tribes of the Northeast in Protecting Ceremonial Stone Landscape Features 3-5 in Northampton
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Finally, our new poster is ready, thanks to the talents of Board member and designer Nur Tiven. It was a challenge making room to give credit to all our wonderful sponsors this year! We are deeply grateful to all of them.


1)  Pocumtuck Homelands Festival in Turners Falls, all day
2)  Let the Landscape Speak Fundraiser to Support Indigenous Tribes of the Northeast in Protecting Ceremonial Stone Landscape Features  3-5 in Northampton
Thank you to all who are fighting this fight for all people. Your persistence in the face of difficulty is the solid foundation for the gathering movement. More real talk like this letter could be one of the ways to move the complacent, the fear-paralyzed, the uninformed, those who are still looking the other way.  Any and all of the above methods onward.  To read letter, go to link in comments and hit translate.

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Thank you Sugar Shack 22. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
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The Sugar Shack 22 at the Berkshire House of Corrections on Saturday! Thank you for your service! Here's the rogue's gallery of those who took a stand and acted in solidarity with the larger climate justice movement at the Kinder Morgan/TCG gas pipeline site in the Otis State Forest this weekend, facing and enduring arrest for their beliefs. More updates coming as this story unfolds [Photo captured by Cate Wolner's camera on Saturday, July 29!]


Thank you Sugar Shack 22.

Climate Action Now MA shared Sugar Shack Alliance's event.

Join the pipeline resistance in a celebration and rally. ALL are welcome!
This coming Saturday, in a beautiful spot.
Join us, The Sugar Shack Alliance, for this summer's public rally and picnic to raise our collective concerns and awareness on the continued resistance to the Kinder Morgan/TCG CT Expansion Pipeline in the Otis State Forest!

Once again, meet us at Spectacle Pond where we gathered last year for our last summer solidariity picnic! We will again feature musical guests and speakers from across the movement and from all corners of the northeast! That's from 10am to noon!

Then, at 12:30pm, a potluck picnic lunch at 12:30pm, followed by an informal gathering of musicians improvising together at our staging area at just north of the pond at Sue Baxter's Barn, 250 Cold Spring Rd.

Dr. Jill Stein, Ian Jackson (Green Party)
Susan Baxter (Affected Sandisfield homeowner)
Anthony Melting Tallow, Karyn Redwolf (Indigenous Water
Martha Klein (Sierre Club CT)

Ben Grosscup
Rachel Laitman
The Expandable Brass Band
Tom Neilson
Sarah Stockwell
Dave Lippman

Among our goals are to progressively and peacefully:

♥ Stop this pipeline!
♥ Reclaim the land for the people!
♥ Save the Sacred Stones Sites
♥ Protect all life from the fossil fuel industry

For more information, go to the Sugarshack Alliance website at:
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Monday night, July 24. Join us at our monthly gathering. 

 Physicians for Social Responsibility, 
International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War & 
 Recipient of the 1985 Nobel Peace Prize

Feel the warmth of community and the strength of collective action as we move forward together at this critical moment in history.

Please join us to help build our campaigns and actions: protecting sacred stones in Sandisfield, The World We Love Is in Our Hands Puppet Parade, SunShot Solar Grants, Resistance to Kinder Morgans fracked gas pipeline, Springfield Climate Justice Coalition and more.

Climate Action Now Monthly Gathering
Monday, July 24, 2017
7 to 9 PM
Unitarian Universalist Society of Amherst 
121 N Pleasant Street, Amherst, Mass
Handicap accessible and on a bus line


Today, please take five minutes to send an email in support of H.3473, Rep. Goldstein-Rose’s Energy Jobs Bill, which will be heard at the state house tomorrow (7/18) by the Joint Committee on Economic Development and Emerging Technologies.

Copy and paste the text (see below) into a new document, customize it with your own words and then send an email to the two chairs at:

In the topic line of your email write:
"Testimony in support of H.3473, An Act relative to creating jobs"

In addition, it would be great to send two hard copies by snail mail to:
Senator Eric Lesser
Chair, Joint Committee on Economic Development and Emerging Technologies
State House
Boston, MA 02133

Representative Joseph Wagner
Same address (they are co-chairs)

The text of the sample testimony is below and here. Feel free to write on just one of the five points. It’s fine to make it short. Most important is that you paraphrase at least the first two paragraphs.

The text of the sample testimony is below and here. Feel free to write on just one of the five points. It’s fine to make it short. Most important is that you paraphrase at least the first two paragraphs.


Joint Committee on Economic Development and Emerging Technologies
July 18, 2017

Testimony in support of H.3473, An Act relative to creating jobs

Chairperson Lesser, Chairperson Wagner and Members of the Committee,

My name is ____________. (Something personal about what you do or why you are concerned about climate change. Why the problem is so urgent). I request a favorable report on H.3473, An Act to relative to creating jobs.

H.3473 promotes a transition to 100% clean, renewable energy by strategically incentivizing research and development, commercialization and the manufacture of clean energy technologies in the Commonwealth. Its premise is that Massachusetts has resources to become the Silicon Valley of the New Energy Economy providing clean energy solutions not just for our communities but for the world.

H.3473 makes structural changes in five areas to open markets for companies to develop and deploy clean energy technologies stimulating investment, growth and new jobs.

1. H.3473 keeps money in-state through carbon pricing by:

• pricing the carbon content of fuels so that we all pay the full cost of fossil fuels at the point of sale, rather than after the fact through taxes (to fund cleanup of oil
spills, storms, and other climate impacts, etc.) and through higher healthcare costs
(from poorer air quality)
• giving every resident and employer a quarterly check, equal per person, paid for
by the carbon price proceeds, so that many households and businesses will end up
with more money overall, despite the higher energy sticker prices
• creating several thousand jobs by displacing fossil fuel imports and returning money to MA residents and employers
• reducing the amount of money MA sends out of state. (MA currently sends over $25 billion/year out of state to buy fossil fuels. The price and dividends would reduce that and keep money in-state.)

2. H.3473 potentially streamlines regulations regarding research, testing, and demonstration of solar and wind energy technology in partnership with private enterprise. The bill instructs the Governor to review and potentially revise regulations that impede clean energy innovation. The bill also allows utility companies to build an unlimited amount of solar or wind with the proviso that they interconnect an equal amount of other solar and wind capacity in the same year. It also frees up the market by removing the arbitrary net metering caps.

3. H.3473 provides affordable capital for clean energy projects through a Clean Energy Trust. Increasing affordable financing strengthens Massachusetts solar industry, makes solar power and energy efficiency more accessible to moderate and low income families and business and accelerates development of emergent technology.

4. H.3473 invests in technology development, targeting energy storage solutions and tax incentives for clean energy companies. The largest, most critical and most immediate gap in successful transition to 100% clean, renewable energy is battery storage. Massachusetts has unparalleled university research facilities, a tradition of technological innovation and manufacturing expertise. The bill creates a Clean Energy Dividend fund that will seed investment to bring emergent technology to market.

In addition, the bill exempts Massachusetts companies that are entirely devoted to clean energy development or manufacturing from state taxes for the next five years

5. H.3473 provides additional infrastructure directing the Governor to integrate the efforts of all relevant offices to make recommendations for structural improvements. It aligns the levers of government with private enterprise and public interest to enable clean energy deployment and creating markets, eg. statewide car charging stations.

Climate Change must not be siloed as an energy issue or an environmental issue. It is an economic challenge that must be met. If a business does not invest in its future, it will perish. H.3472 invests in the new clean energy economy. It will create new jobs. And it is good for business in Massachusetts.

Thank you for your consideration of this request to give House Bill 3473 a favorable report.


Your name
Your complete address
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Climate Action Now MA added an event.


A fundraiser to support the Indigenous Tribes of the Northeast in protecting Ceremonial Stone Landscape Features in Sandisfield, Massachusetts

Presenter: Doug Harris
Preservationist for Ceremonial Landscapes
& A Deputy Tribal Historic Preservation Officer for the Narragansett Indian Tribal Historic Preservation Office (NITHPO).

Doug Harris will present a history of Ceremonial Stone Landscape Features in the Northeast region and the struggle to preserve them. The hills and valleys of New England are dotted with living prayers of stone (Ceremonial Stone Landscapes) created by the Indigenous peoples of this region. These stone structures were built to create and restore harmony between human beings and Mother Earth. The prayers that they embody continue to live as long as the stones are kept intact.

As has happened before in other places, our government, more specifically, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has been complicit in the destruction of these sacred stone landscapes. Over 1/3 of the 73 features identified in Sandisfield have been desecrated by the construction of a new gas pipeline. This occurred because FERC approved the project before the stone features were identified, and then failed to consult with the tribes in a meaningful manner to resolve the adverse impacts. While harm has been done, this is also an opportunity to support the Indigenous peoples of our region so they can challenge FERC's behavior in the courts. If successful, ceremonial stone landscapes will be preserved, not destroyed, a result that would have national implications.

Saturday, August 5, 2017
3:00-5:00 pm
First Churches, 129 Main Street
Northampton, MA
The church is handicap accessible and on a bus line
Please enter on the Center Street side of the building

You can make a tax deductible contribution in one of two ways

1) Write a check to Creative Thought and Action (memo: CSL), and mail it to Climate Action Now's treasurer: Rene Theberge, 250 Shutesbury Road, Amherst, MA, 01002.

2) Donate online by going to

Please share far and wide with friends and family.

For more info and/or to help with this campaign contact Susan Theberge
Please include CSL in the subject line.

Photo: A stone effigy (turtle)
This photo is used with permission, copyrighted and is NOT for reproduction
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Fossil Fuel Resistance event, coming up Jul 29. All welcome. Get a carload of friends, come out, and join us.

Support Indigenous Ceremonial Stone Landscape Protection

Here is the link where you can donate The Story Please note: the image is an example of a ceremonial stone feature, but this particular feature in the image is not in Sandisfield. Native American Tribes along the east coast of North America used stones as part of their religious and cultural ceremonies, and …

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Columnist Marty Nathan urges taking action for climate justice

Printed in the Hampshire daily Gazette Columnist Marty Nathan urges taking action for climate justice Community members lead the Springfield March for Climate, Jobs and  Justice on Saturday. RENE THEBERGE By MARTY NATHAN Wednesday, May 03, 2017 I’m writing this from a near-horizontal position on my living room couch, resting my elderly bones after a good march …

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Press release: Public Denied Access to Otis State Forest; Local Activists Vow Peaceful Resistance

############################################################### Public Denied Access to Otis State Forest; Local Activists Vow Peaceful Resistance For Immediate Release Contact: Abigail Ferla at and 860-882-7510 With tensions building regarding the controversial Connecticut Expansion Project in Sandisfield, MA, the normally sleepy Otis State forest has become the site of 24/7 private security detail and the apparent focus of intensifying law enforcement …

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Would you like to help with the April 29 Western Mass Climate Justice March?

If you wish to help with this march, here are some ways: * Please spread the word about the march, invite people, and make solid plans to show up with  your friends and family on this important day.  —     Click HERE for the march webpage.      —     Click HERE for the facebook event. …

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Sample Constituent Meeting Agenda

Sample Constituent Meeting Agenda     This is a sample to guide you; use your own words and let the conversation flow as much as possible! Remember – if the legislator or staff ask a question and you don’t know the answer, it’s a great opportunity to say: “I don’t know, but I’ll find out and …

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Refugees, Immigrants & Climate Crisis: Panel Discussion and Mini-Conference

  Refugees Immigrants & Climate Crisis A Panel Discussion and Mini-Conference Saturday April 15th 2017                11:00 AM – 3:00 PM Springfield Technical Community College, Scibelli Hall 1 Armory Square, Springfield 01105 Sponsored by Arise for Social Justice A panel of experts and activists on the connections between war, …

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Art build! Help Build Props for the Climate Marches in DC and in Springfield

Who wants to make some stuff? Help Build Props for the Climate Marches in DC and in Springfield  Come and work (play) with us as we construct large pin-wheels and solar disks on poles to carry in a group in both the Washington, DC and Springfield People’s Climate Marches. Help us represent creative Western Massachusetts and our plans for …

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Rate Hike Hearings! Pittsfield, Springfield, Greenfield.

SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER!    Join Public Opposition to the Eversource Rate Hike Request! Show up,  speak up,  write a letter.  Please attend even if you do not intend to speak – we need people power showing support for speakers.   Eversource has asked the MA Department of Public Utilities (DPU) to approve: A 10% …

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Urgent request: Seeking help for legal efforts to protect Otis State Forest

Dear Friends, Climate Action Now (CAN) has a long-standing commitment to challenge the construction of any new and existing fossil fuel infrastructure in our region.  As part of that commitment we have been deeply involved, along with other groups and organizations in Western Mass, in efforts to protect Otis State Forest, in Sandisfield, Mass. CAN …

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Sample Municipal Resolution

Content in process (3/2017)

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Sample town resolution

Content coming (3/2017)

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12 Point Massachusetts Climate Emergency Plan

  12 Point Massachusetts Climate Emergency Plan   With change imminent in national energy policy, states must assume leadership in preventing catastrophic climate disruption. Taking this emergency seriously requires a World War II scale mobilization and a broad and inclusive base of support. Particular attention must be paid to the voices of those least responsible and …

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What is our campaign for Carbon Pollution Fee and Rebate?

We’re working to make Massachusetts one of the first states in the Nation to pass a fair price on carbon. We’re members of the Massachusetts Campaign for a Clean Energy Future, a coalition of environmental, business, labor, and civic organizations that are working to insure that carbon pricing policies reduce greenhouse gas emissions, strengthen the …

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Have you heard of Carbon Pollution Fee and Rebate? It’s an important part of the climate solution puzzle!


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Emergency = Action!

We are in a climate emergency. We are using our grave concern as fuel for action.  We are a grassroots, people-powered organization.  We do not have members; we have people who join in to help when they want to do so.  We usually have several areas that people are working on at any time.

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Action Alert – one more time – last push for Green Energy

 NEW statehouse call Action Alert. Phone numbers included: The Energy Bill is in conference committee at the state house and we are in the final weeks of the session. It is very important for us all to call the House conference committee members- Chair Dempsey, Reps Jones and Golden this week! Their phone numbers are below. …

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On Spectacle Pond: Resisting the Pipeline

 A Celebration of Solidarity with Berkshire Friends and Neighbors Fighting the Connecticut Expansion Pipeline proposed by Kinder-Morgan to run through the Protected Otis State Forest Saturday, July 16, 2016 Join us for one or both events!  KICK OFF RALLY Great Barrington: 12 pm – 1 pm  Gazebo behind Great Barrington Town Hall RALLY at Lower Spectacle Pond  2pm-4pm …

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Action alert! Call your rep today about making sure the green stays strong in the energy bill

ACTION ALERT! Negotiations are still under way in the state house for the green energy bill. We need to keep up the pressure right now. Calls are better than emails, but emails are better than nothing. CALL SCRIPT you can use, distribute, or adapt to your own needs; details on the bill in the comments. …

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